Sunday, October 4, 2009

DCCCO Deposit Products and Interest Rates

Dumaguete Cathedral Credit Cooperative or DCCCO

Regular Savings

  • average daily balance to earn interest - P1,000.00

  • minimum required for MDAB purposes at the time of death – P500.00

  • earns interest of 3% computed monthly compounded quarterly

ATM Savings:

  • average daily balance to earn interest – P 1,000.00

  • balances falling below P 500.00 is charge service fee of P5.00

  • earns interest of 3% computed monthly compounded quarterly

Equity Savings

  • average daily balance to earn interest - P1,000.00;

  • can be used for loaning purposes if the share capital/fixed deposit reaches to PhP 20,000.00

  • non-withdrawable unless member’s loan is fully paid or for full payment of loan

Time Deposit

  • minimum deposit of P5,000.00 for minimum placement of 30 days. Interest is 3.5% - 5% depending upon the amount of deposit and the inflation rate.

Kiddie Savers

  • for kids 13 years old and below

  • with rewards for highest depositors

  • can avail of the scholarship program, MDABF & medical/dental care benefits

Teen Savers

  • for teens aging over 13 to 17 years old

  • same terms as Kiddie Savers


Anonymous said...

What's DCCO? Is it a coop?

Chris said...

I admire the vision that DCCCO has. They have great loan services and benefits. However, I suggest that DCCCO must train their staff to serve the people with a smile in their faces. We need fast and quality service, not frowning and lousy employees. Hey! I'm a member of DCCCO, I love DCCCO so much but I'm just disgusted with their lousy, prideful employees. Apply what you have posted in your work station wall. People are busy, don't have time to wait so long and seeing unpleasant personality. Hope you won't find me offensive. This is a constructive criticism. DCCCO really is a big help. Keep up! God bless!!